Rock Report 9-24-21

The Lucid, the new band starring ex-Megadeth bassist David Ellefson alongside Sponge singer Vinnie Dombroski, Fear Factory drummer Mike Heller and guitarist Drew Fortier, have debuted another new song, “Damned.”

At the start of September, Ellefson had teased a forthcoming project, dubbed The Lucid, and, a week later, followed it up with the announcement of the band’s self-titled debut album in tandem with the lead single, “Maggot Wind.”

When you have a history as rich and event filled as KISS have enjoyed, it could be kind of hard to narrow down what would go in an eventual biopic. But with the project now in the works, the group’s longtime manager Doc McGhee has offered fans some idea of what might be included.

Speaking with the Talking Metal Podcast, McGhee revealed that the film will focus on the group’s first four years. During the discussion, McGhee stated, “We have a script that’s completely done,” before explaining that the film was a collaborative effort between producer Mark Canton, Universal Music, the band and director Joachim Joachim Rønning. Ole Sanders was the person who completed the script for the movie.

If you’re looking to add music gear, it makes sense that someone who rocks for a living would likely have their fair share of instruments and gear that served them well over the years. But, after a time, musicians will eventually decide to part ways with certain items, and for Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan the time has come to sell off some of his gear. Corgan is the latest to team up with Reverb to make sure his gear is going to those who can put it to good use.

Starting on Sept. 29, the Official Billy Corgan Reverb Shop will include guitars, synths, amps, guitar pedals and plenty more items utilized during his recording and touring while playing with both Smashing Pumpkins and Zwan. Items will be sold at a fixed price rather than through an auction, so you will want to jump on the items of your choosing while they remain available.