Rock Report 7/8/2021

Yesterday it was announced that Jared Weeks is coming home to Saving Abel. In addition to Weeks returning to the band they also announced that they would be releasing an EP called Shade of Grace Twenty Year Songs which is a reworking of some of Saving Abel’s earliest songs. They also have a tour planned this summer, a greatest hits type album due out this fall and brand new material due out in spring of 2022. —ALL THE DETAILS

Avenged Sevenfold has been relatively quiet since M. Shadows lost his voice before their 2018 tour. In a recent interview M. Shadows revealed that Avenged Sevenfold will be back in force in 2022 saying “We’re booking shows for next summer, and the record will be out before then.” Which means sometime early next year we’ll have new Avenged Sevenfold! —MORE DETAILS

Badflower dropped a new song the other day called Family. They also released a video to coincide with the song. In addition to all that it was also revealed that Badflower’s second album is due out on September 24th. The new album is called This Is How the World Ends and you can pre-order it now.  —FAMILY VIDEO—  —MORE TO THE STORY

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