Rock Report 5/14/2021

Never underestimate the value of a video starring chimps. The Offspring recognize that value and that is most likely why the new video for their song We Never Have Sex Anymore stars a pair of the primates. The song is off their new album Let the Bad Time Roll and you can see the video for it on Youtube now. —CHIMPS NOT DOING IT

Atreyu also released a new video for their song Catastrophe. Even though it doesn’t have chimps it’s still a fun video starring a bunch of Atreyu’s rock star friends and their reaction to the new song. Catastrophe is the latest song from Atreyu’s forthcoming new album Baptize. You can see the video on Youtube now. —FRIENDS REACTION TO CATASTROPHE

Even though the pandemic forced Papa Roach to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Infest with a live stream the band isn’t quite ready to let that be the only celebration. Papa Roach just announced they would be playing the Infest album in it’s entirety for their set at Blue Ridge Rock Fest in Virginia this September. Other milestones for the festival will be P.O.D performing their 20 year old album Satellite in it’s entirety. Even though Blue Ridge Rock Fest hasn’t announced the entire lineup yet what they have announced looks pretty good. For the lineup to date and ticket info go to Blue Ridge Rock Festival dot com. —BLUE RIDGE ROCK FEST DETAILS

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