Rock Report 2/12/2021

Another chapter of the Marilyn Manson saga has been penned by Esme Bianco, whom you may remember from the first three seasons of Game of Thrones. Bianco has just come forward and accused Marilyn Manson of abuse over their three year relationship that started in 2009. Bianco went into great detail in a recent interview of the abuse she sustained from Manson. The full story can be found at 95wiilrock dot com —ALL THE SORDID DETAILS

Wolfgang Van Halen has announced the release date and track listing for his debut album with his band Mammoth WVH. The new album is called Mammoth WVH and will drop on June 11th. In addition to releasing the album title and track listing Mammoth WVH also released a new song called You’re To Blame which is available now via digital outlets. —TRACK LISTING—  —YOU’RE TO BLAME

If you had asked Ozzy Osbourne to tell you who Post Malone is he would have looked at you like you were speaking a foreign language. However, now Ozzy has done two songs with Malone. One on Malone’s album Hollywood’s Bleeding called Take What You Want and the other on Ozzy’s album Ordinary Man called It’s A Raid. It’s A Raid just had a video treatment released yesterday. It features a cartoon Ozzy and Malone leading the police through L.A. You can see the video now on YouTube. Ozzy says It’s A Raid will be the final single from Ordinary Man.  —SOURCE STORY— —IT’S A RAID VIDEO

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