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Everybody knows Sublime…and it sucks that lead singer Bradley Nowell passed away from a heroin overdose back in ’96. But the remaining members have a special treat for Sublime fans coming up here shortly as the band will take the stage for a benefit show in L.A. on December 11th with the late singers son Jakob joining them. Jakob Nowell, who goes under the name Jakobs Castle, was only 11 months old when his pops passed. I checked him out on line….and it caught me by surprise… He is a spittin’ image of his dad and sounds just like him

Geddy Lee threw some more comments out on Sunday in regards to him and Alex getting back together and performing as Rush after the passing of drummer Neil Peart back in 2020. Lee stated that, “It’s not impossible, but at this point, I can’t guarantee it.”

And finally, April Wine’s Myles Goodwyn passed away this past Sunday at the age of 75. The band was best known for their hits “You Could Have Been a Lady” and “Just Between You and Me.”