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Metallica, Disturbed, Ghost, Slipknot and Spiritbox have been announced as the “Best Metal Performance” nominees at the 66th Grammy Awards, which will air live on Sunday, February 4th. Other categories include “Best Rock Performances” with the nominees being Arctic Monkees, Black Pumas, Boy Genius, Foo Fighters and Metallica, and then Boy Genius, Foo Fighters, Olivia Rodrigo, Queens Of The Stone Age and The Rolling Stones being nominess for the “Best Rock Song” category. Who the hell is Boy Genius and Olivia Rodrigo?!?… I’ll put  money on it that one of the two will win in that category, being that the Grammy’s are a big ‘ole joke.

Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson are itching to get back in the studio despite the death of Neil Peart. In a recent interview, Lee talked about how he and Lifeson got together for the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert and felt the urge to get something going again. Even Paul McCartney through out his two cents to push the two to continue the Rush legacy.

And finally, The Black Crowes are releasing a reissue box set of “The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion” due out on December 15th. The box set features 14 previously unreleased songs with one being a song titled “Miserable” that you can check out over at 95 WIIL