Rock Report 10/07/2020

The rock world was shocked yesterday with the passing of Eddie Van Halen at the age of 65. He had been battling throat cancer for more than a decade. Van Halen is arguably the most influential guitarist of his time having inspired so many people to people to pick up the guitar. He is survived by his wife Janie, his son Wolfgang, his brother Alex and millions and millions of friends and fans. Rest in Peace Eddie Van Halen. —LIFE SUMMARY—  —SOCIAL REACTION

AC/DC released their new song Shot In The Dark at midnight last night. The new album is officially called Power Up and according to Angus Young “This record is pretty much a dedication to Malcolm, my brother, it’s a tribute for him like Back in Black was a tribute to Bon Scott.” There is still no release date for Power Up at this time. —ALL THE DETAILS

For the first time ever we’re going to get a White Stripes compilation album. Simply called White Stripes greatest hits. It will be 26 tracks spanning their 14 year career. The album drops on December 4th. —WHITE STRIPES CHRISTMAS?

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