Rock Report 1/11/2021

It was not a good weekend for lead singers.

Suspect208, which use to be comprised of the sons of the late Scott Wieland, Robert Trujillo, and Slash had to let their lead singer go. Noah Weiland, according to and Instagram post from the band, was “heading down a dark path of drug use that got in the way of our friendship as well as the band” Suspect208 is currently shopping for a replacement, having a legendary rocker for a father is not required. —SOURCE STORY—  —THE INSTA-REASON

Bad Wolves also are in the market for a new lead singer. Tommy Vext announced in an Instagram video that is no longer available that, according to sources who saw it before it was removed, he was out of Bad Wolves because his conservative political views caused an irreconcilable schism with his bandmates and their record label Better Noise Music. Bad Wolves announced Vexts’ departure on their social media pages without indicating why Vext was out of the band, just that he was out. It is also rumored that guitarist Doc Coyle was displeased with Vext’s recent domestic violence restraining order. As of this moment the actual why Vext is no longer in Bad Wolves seems to be little more than rumor and conjecture. The only thing known for sure is that Vext is out of Bad Wolves. Vext is planning on continuing in music with a solo career. Bad Wolves will continue without Vext. —SOURCE ONE—  —SOURCE TWO—  —SOURCE THREE

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