Rock Report 08/25/2020

Recently Nickelback unleashed upon the world their rendition of The Devil Went Down To Georgia. It turns out that A) they had been sitting on the cover for twelve years and B) Charlie Daniels himself gave them his seal of approval. In a recent interview Chad Kroeger of Nickelback said of Daniels reaction “He was, like, ‘Yes, this is great, go ahead, do it, He approved it himself.” —FULL STORY— —VIDEO

With their drive-in show this Saturday Metallica decided to stop their MtallicaMondays series after last nights stream of their 2017 show in Mexico City.  Metallica didn’t say why they were stopping the metallicamondays stream but they did say “When we started out with this little project, we thought we’d try something that would keep us busy and entertained in the face of the unknown, all of you made it something incredible. We watched you tune in week after week, and you blew us away, showing up to enjoy each show!” —FULL STORY

If you have the TikTok app and can shred a mean air guitar then Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter want you! With the impending release of Bill and Ted 3 the title characters have asked the fans to take to the TikTok app and shred. Just make sure you use the hastag #shredwithbillandted —BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER— —PARTY ON DUDES


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