Rock Report 08/06/2020

When Covid-19 hit back in March everyone was caught flat-footed and not sure what to do. For Tom Morello he found himself in a place he hadn’t been in many years. He found himself without the desire to make music. It wasn’t until he saw a Black Lives Matter march in his hometown of Libertyville that inspiration and desire came back to him. That march was the catalyst that inspired his new song Stand Up with Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons. The video is on youtube now. —SEE VIDEO HERE

Nine Inch Nails released two instrumental albums in March which means that Trent Reznor hasn’t sang on a recording this year. That is until now. He teamed up with electronic artist Tobacco for their new song called Babysitter which is available now for digital download. —SEE VIDEO HERE

Machine Gun Kelly decided earlier this year he wanted to try his hand at a pop punk style album. He teamed up with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker for the effort. Kelly just released a track from the new album called Concert for Aliens which you can pick up via digital outlets now. The new Machine Gun Kelly album is called Tickets To My Downfall and as of yet doesn’t have a release date. —SEE VIDEO HERE