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Slipknot is being sued by the estate of the bands late drummer Joey Jordison. According to numerous sources, the reason behind the lawsuit is because the estate feels that the band is using the drummers 2021 passing to promote and profit from the their latest studio release, along with holding onto some of the drummers equipment that was promised to be returned.

John 5, the newest member of Motley Crue says that the band is pumping out some great music, and that Nikki Sixx is writing some amazing lyrics. ‘5’ also said that a lot of the new material sounds like it could be something off of the bands first album “Too Fast For Love”.

And finally, Evanescence kicked off the New Year with a new music video for the song “Yeah Right”, off their 2021 album ‘The Bitter Truth’. The video that was filmed last year while on tour in Latin America.