Rammstein, Wolfgang Van Halen and Twitter 6-16-23

A couple of weeks ago, some serious allegations came out against Rammstein frontman Till Linemann and the band’s crew. A fan came forward on social media claiming she was drugged at a party organized by the band’s camp, and that she was put into a situation where Lindemann was angry because she would not have sex with the singer. German police are now officially investigating the accusations.

Wolfgang Van Halen is blasting bands who rely heavily on pre-recorded tracks during their live performances. He said that he understands that you may have to use a keyboard pad if you don’t have a keyboardist, or that you can’t drag around a 60 piece orchestra, but when it comes the core of the band, you should be able to play your own music.

And finally, Twitter is getting hit with a $250 million lawsuit for copyright infringement. BMG, Sony, and Warner are a few of the companies that have filed a lawsuit.