Source: YouTube

I was watching the news before coming to work and they were talking to the director of Hundreds of Beavers, Mike Cheslik.

The trailer alone made me want to see this movie and I couldn’t in good conscience not tell you about it.

The synopsis of the movie is: “JEAN KAYAK finds himself stranded in a surreal winter landscape with nothing but his dim wits to guide him. Against a backdrop of ruthless elements and sinister creatures – all played by actors in full-sized mascot costumes – KAYAK develops increasingly complex traps in order to win the hand of a mischievous lover.”

The film is mostly silent which goes against my love of quoting movies but there is still something about it.

Maybe it’s because it was made in Wisconsin.

Perhaps it’s because of the throwback to slapstick comedy and the silent movie era.

Or maybe, just maybe it’s because this movie is an original idea. Not an adapted property. Not a remake, reboot, sequel, prequel or any of the other unoriginal things that Hollywood seems to be throwing at us.

On April 10th there will be a showing of Hundreds of Beavers at the Music Box Theatre at 9:30. It’s the only theatre in the area that is playing the movie.

Then on April 15th Hundreds of Beavers will hit streaming on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video!

I’m going to catch it when it starts streaming on the 15th.