FLOTD is Terisa from Round Lake Park

FLOTD is Terisa from Round Lake Park!

Occupation? Home
Relationship status? Married
Got any kids? 2 sex participation trophies, both received in the male category
Favorite WIIL Rock band? Volbeat
Hobbies? Cooking, baking(kid friendly and non kid friendly treats) concerts, fishing, eating and napping
Favorite position? Depends on my mood
Cocktails with a celebrity? Smoke a joint with snoop and Martha stewart
Favorite food? Beef, pork, fish, potatoes, veggies, crustaceans, mollusks, cheese, Mexican, breakfast, sushi, polish
Favorite movie? Drop Dead Fred
What’s a weird fact you know? Uni is sea urchin gonads
If you could live anywhere, where would you go? Where there’s no winter, and I’m not a part of the food chain
Most embarrassing moment? No regrets, just life lessons and fun
ALL TIME favorite song? Titty twister by diesel boy
Turn ons? Good hygiene, beards, make me laugh
Turn offs? Nail biting, ugly shoes and dutch ovens