FLOTD is Alex from Burlington

FLOTD is Alex from Burlington!

Occupation? Trucking company
Relationship status? Single and ready to mingle
Favorite WIIL Rock band? Shinedown
Hobbies? Fishing, building hot rods, eating, and naps
Favorite position? Anything will tickle my fancy
Cocktails with a celebrity? Craig Ferguson
Favorite food? Steak tacos
Favorite movie? Inglorious Bastards
What’s a weird fact you know? The earth is round
If you could live anywhere, where would you go? Australia
If someone said, “Hey, do that thing you do…”, what would you do? Sing “Africa” by Toto
Most embarrassing moment? Every day is a struggle for me
ALL TIME favorite song? Never Let You Go – Steelheart
Turn ons? Good humor, confidence, successful, physically fit
Turn offs? Fake eyebrows