“Emily vs. Peacock”…. The kiond of crazy things you see on CFG!  Find out for yourself…. Join us this January!  Once you go… … … YOU KNOW!

95 WIIL Rock’s Cabin Fever Getaway 2021 with Travel Leaders – Discovery World Travel.  Save the Date on your calendars and schedule time off with the boss for January 17-24, 2021 for this year’s trip.  After the last seven months of 2020, we all know a vacation is just what is needed for some relaxation, pool, beach, laughs with fellow WIIL Rockers and LOTS OF REFRESHMENTS!

The destination will be announced this Friday morning at 7:30 on the 95 WIIL ROCK Tom & Emily Morning Show!  The no obligation preboarding pass e-mail will be going out this Thursday!

Sign up now for the no obligation 95 WIIL Rock CFG Early Byrd preboarding pass e-mail.  You will be first to get all the trip info, and first crack at signing up for CFG 2021.

Click the link to sign up: