Source: YouTube

A licensed therapist shared a video that you can check out over at 95 WIIL of her analyzing Slipknots “Left Behind” song. You can see her rockin’ out to the tune, then providing a thoughtful evaluation to the song’s message.

Jon Bon Jovi opened up about his recent vocal struggles. Come to find out…he recently had some major vocal cord surgery done and says that it has been a long road to recovery, but if he can’t sing anymore, “He’s Out!”

And finally, a woman stocking banana’s at a grocery store in Jamaica noticed an image of Bob Marley on one of them. Deciding not to sell them, she took to facebook, posting pics of the reggae banana’s, but afterwards decided to eat them so they didn’t go to waste. I saw the pic and and yes… it did look like Marley. I’m thinking the Rastafarian was channeling Tom Kief  to purchase the jungle fruit, knowing he was on his home turf. Believe me, Kief loves Banana’s and will stare deep into your eyes as he takes a bite…