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Bad Wolves shared a new song this past Friday called “Knife”. It’s the first song from the band to feature new guitarist AJ Rebollo, who previously played with the band Issues. Singer DL Laskiewics put his input on the new song saying that it felt good to be able to be the kind of band that one day works on a ballad and the next works on a song that is heavy.

Avenged Sevenfold is going to mix it up on the upcoming third leg of their “Life Is But A Dream” tour. In a new interview, bassist Johnny Christ said that they will be adding some songs that they haven’t played yet, along with some new material that hasn’t been heard before.

And finally, Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke who has a tendency to get on social media to tick people off, isn’t a bad guy after all. After a heated exchange with someone online that called the singer pathetic, Radke snapped back talking about how lucky he is to have tons of cash, not have to work a normal job, which gives him plenty of time to lash out. After that a fan took the opportunity to reply to Ronnie’s tweet, pointing out the singer’s wealth, then asking for help to pay off his $7,ooo credit card debt. Radke offered the guy $2,000. I’m getting me some new idea’s here.