Source: YouTube

Mammoth WVH were the featured musical guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday night. The band performed their new hit “I’m Alright” off the band’s latest album “Mammoth II”.

Disturbed, who just kicked off their 2024 “Take Back Your Life” tour last Friday in Peoria, had to cancel last night’s show in Des Moines, Iowa. In a statement to fans, David Draiman apologized saying that he had been trying to muscle through a sinus infection recently, but now has laryngitis and needs a few days to recover.

And finally, Foo Fighters played a show this week in Christchurch, New Zealand and one fan didn’t act too “Christ-Like” and now might be facing jail time and a fine. The fan in question stripped down to his birthday suit, stood up on somebody’s shoulders in the crowd, then started playing air guitar with his ding-a-long.