Source: YouTube

Guns N’ Roses have just released their first ever artificial intelligence powered music video for their brand new single “The General”. The video intertwines concert footage with an A.I. animated psychedelic visual trip that dives into the subconscious of a young boy who stares down dark childhood memories. Throw a couple magic shrooms on your pizza and check out the video.

Hed(P.E.) who kicked off their “Bring Tha Noize” tour on Monday in California, took a pit stop at a Walmart on the way to the bands next show, and while their tour bus was in the parking lot, they noticed some men acting suspicious around their rig and trailer. A few minutes later one of the men stormed the bus in an attempted robbery, taking a swing on the crew, only to find out the hard way that it was a bad decision to make when the band’s tour manager, who happened to be a combat vet, took the scumbag down and subdued him until the cops showed up.

And finally, Corey Taylor who recently cancelled his solo tour due to struggles with his mental and physical health, must be doing a bit better. The singer just announced that he will be playing a show in the Philippines on April 1st. The concert promises to be a highlight of Manila’s 2024 music calendar. If you have a desire to fly over to Asia for the show, tickets go on sale next Tuesday. Just hope that it’s not an April Fool’s joke!