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James Hetfield is ready to make more money on top of all the money he has all ready with a pretty damn good idea. In a recent interview, the Metallica front man says that he wants someone to invent a straw that will supply the liquid of your choice through a microphone so when you are strumming and singing at the same time you can take a quick sip, and stay hydrated. I’m trying to patent it right now, to beat you all to the punch!! So don’t even think about it!

One of the most mysterious bands out right now might just want to keep it that way, because it seems to be working out for the, The band I am talking about is Sleep Token. For the year of 2023, the bands album “Take Me Back To Edan” was the most streamed metal record on Spotify, even beating out Metallica’s 72 Seasons!

And finally, Judas Priest, who will be hitting the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago on Wednesday May 1st, with opening act Sabaton to support their new album “Invincible Shield” that will be dropping on March 8th, have released a video for the first track off the album titled “Panic Attack”.