WESTWOOD – It’s The End Of The World As We Know It… … …

WESTWOOD won the WIIL ROCK Morning Show musical challenge for the semifinal round of BANDEMONIUM.

Hear it HERE.

Verse 1
That’s great it starts with a pandem-
-ic That put us in a craze
You know Westwood’s not afraid (2,3,4)

Covid Delta Omicron, All our taste buds are gone
Hit’em with a lock down, watch’em all break
Speed it up, open up, false alarm, close it up
People start to wonder if the whole thing is a
cover up
Hydroxychloroquine didn’t help anything
What are we to do as the infection rates rise?

Rush a new vaccine so everyone can finally
And start to feel, all, right
West coast wildfires, Burning like a bunch of
Scatter through the California air and have the
people screaming
Oh oh, where to go? Population now controled
Shove them all in theaters so hollywood is still a-

Stock up on your toilet paper, Harvey Weinstein
goes to jail
Stock markets crash and Nashville gets bombed
I’ll be making music with my best friends in a
basment and we’re all, pretty psyched!


Verse 2
Proud boys raid the capitol, TV stations call it hell
Cargo ship gets stuck in the Suez Canal
Covid has a stronger grip, with another varient
Some people are terrified and some people don’t
give a shit
Give the people a relief, give them money for
their grief
Do whatever it’ll take to keep the riots off the
Winter storms take over Texas, trading
gamestop’s getting hectic
To the moon and to the moon and to the moon it
I’ll be on the Tom and Leah morning show,
Waiting for the upcoming, decline


Verse 3
Eyes to the Ukraine, Putin’s taking everything
And everyone is laughing at a world war 3 meme
China guards its southern sea, no one seems to
Spy balloons are flying over the land of
Somethings got me thinking that the cold war
never really ended
Right? RIGHT!!




And nothing’s fine x3