Credit: Mikael Eriksson

Ghost has premiered the latest episode in the band’s ongoing narrative web series, which follows the adventures of your favorite Ghost characters Cardinal Copia, Sister Imperator and Papa Nihil. You can watch it now on YouTube.

In the new installment, the sixth, Cardinal Copia visits Sister Imperator, who’s in the hospital recovering from a car crash. She asks him to make a very special announcement, but the episode ends before we find out what it is.

Since previous episodes have been used to reveal new Ghost news, it’s possible that an announcement about the band is coming soon. Perhaps more tour dates?

While we wait for that, hopefully, we’ll see Cardinal Copia and the gang at the Grammys next month.  Ghost’s album Prequelle is nominated for Best Rock Album, while its lead single “Rats” is up for Best Rock Song. The Grammys take place February 10 in Los Angeles.

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