Van Halen…. Jelly Roll… Nothing More… 0714

If you were ever hoping for a Van Halen reunion, the answer from Sammy Hagar is a definite NO! According to Sammy, he has tried to get a hold of Alex Van Halen numerous times and hasn’t gotten a response. Along with that, Sammy believes that, original singer David Lee Roth won’t cooperate as well.

In a recent interview with Jelly Roll, he stated that he has many regrets getting all the tattoos that he has. In fact, he said that he wished 96% of them were gone, including a tattoo of the Gerber Baby smoking a joint on his arm.

And finally, Nothing More has withdrawn from their upcoming tour with Godsmack and Staind due to a domestic case involving singer Jonny Hawkins surfacing online. The past case case, that happened in 2021, involved the singer running over his ex-girlfriend with his truck and then turning himself into the police.