I bet the guys in Starset get a boner when they hear news like this…  If you’re not familiar, the band Starset is heavily involved with thoughts and messages regarding space travel.

From ExpressUk.com, Top SECRET US satellite launched by SpaceX aims to send ‘unknown group’ MYSTERY messages.  SPACEX are to launch a top-secret satellite codenamed project Zuma this Friday, the US Air Force confirmed.

The mysterious project will see the private space agency launch the satellite allowing an unnamed government organisation to send messages or take photos.

One of the few scraps of information currently available has revealed Zuma will enter into a low orbit around Earth.

What the orbiter’s mission is and who will be operating it is unknown with US authorities so far refusing the release any more information.

Now, the story about the origins of the band Starset is similar;

Starset was formed as part of a public outreach initiative by The Starset Society. The Society’s aims were to alert the public about the contents of “the Message” the society obtained from a mysterious signal from space.  Starset treats their backstory and The Starset Society as real in interviews, with few exceptions.

Sorry to ruin it for any ‘it’s still real to me dammit’ people, but the Starset story is just a gimmick.  A well thought out and engaging gimmick.  To hear more about the ‘story’ of Starset, check out one of their interviews from Studioeast.


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