TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT!!!  Virtual 7:01 club party #4

Virtual 7:01 club party #4 – Tonight!

The WIIL Rock staff is going to be hanging out on the Tom and Emily Facebook page and the 95 WIIL Rock Facebook page tonight night at 7:01.

We’d like you to stop by.  We’ll all be broadcasting live from our respective remote locations.

This week we’ve also added a staff “Stupid Human Tricks” portion to the show.

Tonight we will have another spectacular set of surprise musical guests!

***WARNING – These things are Rated R & are NSFW***

We had a GREAT time last Friday night.  Thanks to Brent from SHINEDOWN for stopping by.  Also thanks to Jessie from JACKYL for paying a visit.  If you missed the video for last week here it is:

And the week before…. Thanks to Leigh Kakaty from POP EVIL for joining us for the 7:01 Club Party and playing for us.  Listen for the new POP EVIL song “WORK” on WIIL ROCK.

See you this Friday night at 7:01 – Tom