Time to step away?

Say it ain’t so!

Before I went on tonight, I was floating around Facebook (as I usually do) and came upon this post from Seb, the singer from our friends DayRollers:

“I regret to inform our fans, that I am leaving the band DayRollers. Hopefully only temporarily, but I can’t say anything with certainty at this time.
I want you to know It is NOT because of the band or anyone in it. It is STRICTLY for personal reasons, that I won’t discuss on an open post.”

Of course this leaves the DayRollers a voice down with shows on the horizon. Since the bands Facebook page hasn’t indicated anything about Seb’s announcement I can only hope it’s just a “Haha I got you” moment. If he really is leaving the band for an undetermined amount of time hopefully they can find a replacement for him quickly.

Hopefully, whatever personal stuff Seb is dealing with can be handled quickly and he can rejoin the band before the summer concert season. I wish him nothing the best.



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