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Clues go out  Monday-Friday at 7:30am, 12:30pm, and 5:30pm. The clue will not be repeated. We will post all the weeks clues here on the website.

An additional clue will be given each Friday after 5:30pm on the website.

Good luck and be considerate in your searching. **RULES AND LEGAL DISCLAIMERS HERE**

You can find all the former clues and the reason for the clues **HERE**

Key 1 has been found by Amanda of Wildwood at the Pleasant Prairie Rec Plex.

Key 2 has been found by Patrick of Gurnee at the Dole Mansion in Crystal Lake.

Key 3 is was found by Nikki at Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve.

How did she put it all together from this:

3 LOCK BOX – Key #3 Clues

Week #1

Monday – 5/13

7:30 – In no particular order   (The clues will not be in any particular order)

12:30 – Pangaea “Pan-gee-ah” (The key is located on what was the super continent of Pangaea 250m years ago)

5:30 – It’s not cheesy (The key is not in Wisconsin “America’s Dairyland”)

Tuesday – 5/14

7:30 – Bye herbaceous – As part of the Great Lakes Fish and Ecosystem Restoration program (GLFER) crews are removing invasive woody and herbaceous plants throughout the Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve.  The key is in the Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve.

12:30 – Face East (The key is in the Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve. From the walking path at the Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve, if you face east you will be facing the key)

5:30 – Reach around.  (The key is placed on the back side of a sign)

Wednesday – 5/15

7:30 –  Historic – Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve The National Historic Landmark status from the National Park Service in 1984

12:30 –  They aren’t loaded – There are historical gun emplacments at the Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve.   They aren’t loaded.  The key is in the Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve.

5:30 –  3rd Rock (The Key is on Earth… Earth is the 3rd rock from the son.)

This is what it looked like when time hid the key:

AND, the clues that would have come today:

Thursday – 5/16  *NEVER READ ON AIR – Key was found*)

7:30 – It gets pretty steep.  (There is a sign that reads “Caution! Steep Grade: Dismount Bikes” on the path to where the key is.)

12:30 – Leave the dead alone. (There is also a cemetery at the Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve.  The key is not hidden in that area)

5:30 – Look at the 2nd largest (You view Lake Michigan from where the key is.  Lake Michigan is the 2nd largest of the Great Lakes)