Skillet has premiered the video for “Save Me,” a track off the band’s latest album, Victorious.

The clip finds frontman John Cooper singing while his eyes are covered from behind by a mysterious being. His band mates aren’t faring any better — guitarist Korey Cooper is stuck beneath a suffocating sheet, drummer Jen Ledger is drowning in a body of water, and guitarist Seth Morrison is continuously free-falling over a cliff.

“This song is about the darker side of you that you are afraid to show people,” John Cooper explains. “‘If they only knew how messed up I am, would they still love me?’”

“This song is about getting honest and asking for help, both spiritually and naturally speaking,” he adds. “We loved filming this video and how it turned out as well.  The energy we were able to create visually really matches the intensity of the song.”

You can watch the “Save Me” video streaming now on YouTube.

Victorious, which also features the single “Legendary,” was released last August.

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