Ship Us ANYTHING…. “No Laws” Edition!

“Ship Us Anything”

What do ya got?  Send it to the 95 WIIL ROCK Tom & Emily Morning Show … and they will talk about it on the air.

*A product sample from your business.

*A goofy gift that you got… and don’t want.

*Something that isn’t good enough to keep… but you can’t bring yourself to throw away.

*A gift for Tom & Emily.

*Something weird from a yard sale… or something that didn’t sell at your sale.

*Any crazy item that you think needs to be talked about on the air.


*This time around Tom got a shipment of White Claw Koozies!  OK… Thanks “Kathleen… streaming from Central Illinois”.  Ain’t no laws I guess….

Include as much or as little of an explanation of the item and why you are sending it as you want.  Include your e-mail & phone number if you want to talk with us on the air about the item…. or don’t… It is up to you.

Send It To:

Attn: Tom Kief
6170 W. Grand Ave
Suite 111
Gurnee, IL 60031