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Ship Us ANYTHING!!! (Except penis glitter… we got that today)

“Ship Us Anything”

What do ya got?  Send it to the 95 WIIL ROCK Tom & Emily Morning Show … and they will talk about it on the air.

Today We Opened glitter penis bomb from ?????.  Well played!!!!  What is the strangest thing you ever got sent to you?  Let us know HERE.

Other things to ship us:

*A product sample from your business.

*A goofy gift that you got… and don’t want.

*Something that isn’t good enough to keep… but you can’t bring yourself to throw away.

*A gift for Tom & Emily.

*Something weird from a yard sale… or something that didn’t sell at your sale.

*Any crazy item that you think needs to be talked about on the air.


Include as much or as little of an explanation of the item and why you are sending it as you want.  Include your e-mail & phone number if you want to talk with us on the air about the item…. or don’t… It is up to you.

Send It To:

Attn: Tom Kief
6170 W. Grand Ave
Suite 111
Gurnee, IL 60031


We do a bit called “Ship Us Anything” on the 95 WIIL ROCK Morning Show. Today we learned first had to be careful what you wish for. So what is the strangest thing you ever got sent to you?

Posted by 95 WIIL ROCK Morning Show on Wednesday, May 5, 2021


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