Rock Report – Wednesday July 22nd

Biffy Clyro has a new album called A Celebration of Endings coming out August 14th. Usually that would be mean a big tour to promote the album. Due to things being what they are, that now means it will be a special livestream concert. Tickets for the livestream go on sale this Friday. —SHOW DETAILS

For the first time in the US, Killswitch Engages’ iconic second album As Daylight Dies will be released on vinyl. When asked about the release in a recent interview Killswitch guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz said “I’m wicked excited to have Daylight FINALLY come out on vinyl, This was such an important album in our career, and brings back a lot of great memories. I can’t believe it’s been 14 years since this album first came out…man, how time flies.”  — VINYL DETAILS

Cameo is a service that gets celebrities to record personalized messages for a price. One Motley Crue super fan’s family requested Motley Crue frontman Vince Niel to record a 40th birthday message for the fan. For $400, the going rate for a Vince Neil personalized message, you would hope to get what you asked for. Unfortunately, that’s not quite what happened. Neil recorded the message in one take while trying to read the message that he was to record for the first time and from the sound of the video he may have had a few adult beverages. He slurred his words, messed up names, and did a poor job of filming himself. Even with all that, the super fan was still pleased with the outcome and over the moon that he got a message from Vince Neil for his birthday.  —BIRTHDAY VIDEO