Rock Report for 11/18/2020

Wolfgang Van Halen decided to stick it in and break it off in a recent interview. In the interview with Howard Stern he admitted that he had gotten his dad, Eddie Van Halen excited about a Van Halen tour a few years ago in which they were going to bring back everyone who had ever been in Van Halen for the tour. Unfortunately, the elder Van Halens health took a turn for the worse and it never came to fruition. —THE WHOLE DEPRESSING STORY

It took a war between the Armenia and Azerbaijan for us to get new music from System of a Down and it looks like it will take peace in that region before we get anymore music from them. According to drummer John Domayan “I don’t care about new music right now, what I care about is the protection of our people and the prevention of another genocide” —FULL STORY

Avatar is getting ready for a live stream concert undertaking. Actually they are setting up for four live stream concerts between January 9th and January 30th. Each concert will feature a different era of Avatar plus the vans are able to vote on the set list. Everyone has been to a show where you wondered why they didn’t play a certain song, well now’s your chance to do something about it. Tickets and the set list voting platform are available now at Avatar Ages dot com. —TICKET LINK— —MORE DETAILS

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