03/15/23 Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Spiritbox

In an effort to make sure they continue to deliver vinyl copies of their beloved catalog to their fans, Metallica has purchased their very own vinyl pressing plant. The band has bought the majority interest in Furnace Record Pressing, a vinyl pressing company that the band has worked with and is fond of.

The other day, Avenged Sevenfold uploaded a teaser onto YouTube that featured some cryptic visuals, text, and a countdown clock. Well, that countdown clock has finally come to an end and we now know what the band was teasing. The band is excited to share details pertaining to their upcoming eighth studio album, titled Life Is But a Dream. The band has also released the first single off the album, which is titled “Nobody.”

Last week, Spiritbox  removed all posts pertaining to their involvement in the Falling In Reverse tour coming up from their social media; though no official statement had been shared at the time, some believe it was due to fan pressure. Many fans were upset that they would be supporting Falling In Reverse front man Ronnie Radke, who many take issue with. As of the other day, Spiritbox finally released a statement in regard to the tour, but didn’t have much to say, other than that they have withdrawn from the 6 shows that they were scheduled on.

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