Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee pulled a real-life “wiener dog”  out of his pants onstage at a recent show on the Stadium Tour.  The stunt took place on Aug. 27 at the Los Angeles stop of the tour, where the drummer continued to reference the full-frontal nude selfie photo he shared on social media more than two weeks ago.

Muse and Slipknot are probably two names you didn’t expect to see together so frequently in 2022, but here we are. Muse’s ninth album Will of the People is out now and they channel a bit of Slipknot in their new horror-themed video for the song “You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween.”  Muse vocalist Matt Bellamy did say that there was a bit of a Slipknot influence that seeped its way onto the new album, mainly thanks to his son, who’s a fan of the masked band.

A year and a half after the release of their fourth album Death by Rock and Roll, The Pretty Reckless have announced an upcoming new project called Other Worlds, which will be out later this year.  Unlike a traditional album of all new material, Other Worlds sees The Pretty Reckless play some covers, as well as acoustic versions and remixes of their “Death by Rock and Roll” tracks. The rockers shared a remixed version of the song “Got So High” Friday online.