Rock Report 8-27-21

Because we could all use some good news right about now — Limp Bizkit have announced that they will start leaking songs soon, and will release a new album soon after.

“To be more clear, as some promoters are a bit behind on keeping you updated, all of our scheduled performances were canceled weeks ago (yes, we are all fine, thank you),” they wrote in a post on their Instagram story.

“New songs will begin to leak, one after the other in rapid succession, very soon. Soon thereafter our new album will be released.”

Better Noise Music has sued Tommy Vext, ex-lead singer of Bad Wolves, for copyright infringement. It’s the latest turn in the legal battle between Vext and his former recording company, the outfit that helped create and continues to promote Bad Wolves, and it comes weeks after Vext filed suit against the head of the label.

Vext is accused of infringing on the label’s intellectual property by allegedly posting unreleased recordings and videos related to Bad Wolves without the company’s permission, according to reports, he’s also accused of trying to hamper the Bad Wolves trademark. Related Better Noise business entities Five Nineteen Music Publishing and 10th Street Entertainment are also named as plaintiffs in the case.

A creator who works under the handle “Dead Ed” makes an impressive array of highly detailed, period-specific figurines of rockers from acts such as Slipknot, Mudvayne, Behemoth, Nirvana and more. And when we say highly detailed, we do mean exactingly detailed.

He shares his work on social media as Deaded Hobbies, and, driven by the almighty algorithm, Dead Ed’s creations have been drawing considerable notice among rock and metal fans online.