Rock Report 7/12/22

David Lee Roth has released a new song called “Pointing At The Moon” and you can watch the music video that features his artwork below. Roth released the song on July 9.  The former Van Halen singer’s music video for his new single features a piece of his artwork that has the same name, “Pointing At The Moon.” Roth’s website displays a ton of his artwork, which many of his fans hope he’ll sell one day.

Sevendust’s Lajon Witherspoon has said their drummer’s remarks last month indicating the alt-metal band had discussed their eventual “end date” were exaggerated.  The rock singer thinks that it got taken out of context in an interview. Just clear things up SEVENDUST ARE NOT RETIRING.

Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” has continued to experience an explosion in popularity over the last week, with a whopping 17.5 million Spotify downloads ever since the Stranger Things Season 4 finale was released on July 1.   The song also had a 5,000 percent search surge on Google within the first day that the final episode came out.