Rock Report 6/3/22

Three members of Tool joined the burgeoning brass band Brass Against onstage to perform a collaborative cover version of Tool’s “Stinkfist” at the two groups’ show together in Budapest, Hungary, last week.

Brass Against, a literal brass instrument-based protest band, supported the Maynard James Keenan-led art-metal act for the final concerts of Tool’s recently completed spring 2022 European tour.

Asking Alexandria have exited their current tour across the United States with Nothing More due to issues affecting the health of Asking Alexandria singer Danny Worsnop’s voice.

This week, after having missed several shows due to a throat infection plaguing Worsnop, the British hard rockers acknowledged the vocalist’s ailment required further recuperation. It forced the band to exit the co-headlining trek that began last month.

Slipknot played a concert last night (June 1) in Ohio, and during the show, the band stopped their performance so that Corey Taylor could direct EMTs to a fan in the crowd who appeared to be struggling and in need of medical attention.
Taylor praised his bandmates for being the ones to notice the incident and bring it to his attention, and the crowd cheered for them in response. Once the singer confirmed that the fan had been safely escorted out of the crowd, they picked back up with their performance.