Rock Report 6/16/22

Last week, Sharon Osbourne revealed that Ozzy would be having a potentially life-altering procedure done on Monday, June 13. She’s now given an update on her husband following the surgery, which apparently went well.  Ozzy is doing well and on the road to recovery!

How can you play like the guys in Metallica? As James Hetfield states in their latest venture, “The best way to play like us is to play with us.” And thus kicks off the intro teasing the band’s new collaboration with Yousician, the visual music learning component developing step-by-step tutorials showcasing some of your favorite bands and songs.

In this case, Metallica are offering a three-lesson course that’s ready-made for beginners. By partaking, you can learn to play like the band, learning riffs and rhythms straight from James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett. Meanwhile all four band members will also provide some of their insight on the songs themselves.

Who ever thought that Underoath would be able to put your little one under? Sparrow Sleeps, that’s who! The duo of composer Casey Cole and designer Peter Lockhart have been creating lullaby versions of some of their favorite artists, and Underoath are the latest band to get the special treatment with a full lullaby album of selections from throughout the band’s history. Plus, fans can also pick up an awesome They’re Only Chasing Sleep onesie for their toddler as well.