Rock Report 6/10/2021

Trivium’s Matt Heafy and pop vocalist Richard Marx have come together to rework Marx’s Right Here Waiting into a metal version. The original song had just Marx and a piano, the new version takes out the piano and replaces it with guitars, drums and guttural bellows. It is truly something to behold. —RIGHT HERE WAITING REDUEX—  —THE ORIGINAL

Last week Bad Wolves announced Tommy Vext’s replacement would be Daniel DL Laskiewicz. This week they released a behind the scenes video of the work they are doing for the new album Dear Monsters. The video is on YouTube and there is even a snippet of DL singing so you can get a taste of what Bad Wolves will sound like moving forward. —BEHIND THE SCENES

Dave Ellefson continues to search for the person or persons who leaked a private video of him gratifying himself. The video was recorded by a 19 year old Dutch woman that the former Megadeth bassist had engaged in consensual virtual sexual encounters with, unbeknownst to Ellefson. The woman claims she shared the video with a couple of friends but doesn’t know how the video got leaked to the internet. Ellefson has filed a revenge porn lawsuit with the Scottsdale Police department. Megadeth parted ways with Ellefson over the issue and as of this moment in time haven’t announced a replacement.   —FULL REPORT

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