Rock Report 6/1/22

Don’t let the photo fool ya! Ronnie Radke is anything but zen in the latest video for Falling in Reverse’s new song “Voices in My Head.”

The band just dropped the new video which finds the Falling in Reverse frontman often at odds with himself in the most violent of ways. It’s Ronnie vs. Ronnie …. vs. Ronnie, as various iterations of the musician are offing the others in a variety of brutal ways.

The storied Texas home that once belonged to the late Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul has reportedly been demolished after it was purchased earlier this year, judging by recent fan photos of the site in Arlington, Texas.

The secluded hilltop home that was 3,784 square feet with a private gated entry built in 1995 went up for sale earlier this year for $750,000. An estate sale of gear and memorabilia related to Paul followed this month. According to Zillow, the home sold in February.

During Metallica’s concert on Sunday (May 29), lead guitarist Kirk Hammett botched the instrumental introduction to “Nothing Else Matters,” the band’s 1992 power ballad from “The Black Album.”

The guitarist humorously apologized to the audience at Boston Calling 2022 before proceeding.

Hammett also jokingly fell to the floor after the flub.