Rock Report 5/27/2021

Mammoth isn’t the only throwback to his father that Wolfgang Van Halen incorporated on his new album. WVH just admitted to using Eddie Van Halen’s iconic Frankenstrat to record two of the songs on his debut album. Of using the guitar Wolf said in a recent interview “It’s kind of terrifying holding it, just because arguably it is the most famous guitar in musical history.” You can hear the iconic guitar on the songs Feel and Mammoth from the self titled Mammoth WVH album due out June 11th. —FULL STORY

As if Marilyn Manson didn’t have enough legal trouble at the moment, it was recently revealed that he has a warrant out for his arrest in New Hampshire. The warrant was issued for “unprivileged physical contact.” From a spitting incident at one of Manson’s shows in New Hampshire in 2019. Allegedly Manson spit on a camera that was filming his performance for the big screens at the venue and some of his saliva hit the videographer. —MORE LEGAL WOES

Fozzy hasn’t released any new music since 2019. That will change tomorrow when they drop their new song Sane. The song comes from their new album which is due out later this year. Fozzy released a teaser for the Sane music video which you can see on YouTube now. —FOZZY GIVING YOU JUST THE TIP

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