Rock Report 5/21/2021

After denying claims of grooming an underage girl online Dave Ellefson has now deleted his personal Twitter account. He had already switched his Instagram to private the day after he posted on social media about making embarrassing decisions but said interactions were “adult interactions that were taken out of context.” His Facebook page and website are still publicly available for now. —THE SILENCE OF ELLEFSON

One of the small bright points of the pandemic is the ease with which musicians have been able to collaborate. In past years it would have been all but impossible for these collaborations what with touring schedules, recording schedules and the like. Rob Zombie, Nikki Sixx and John 5 formed a supergroup called L.A.Rats and their first single I’ve Been Everywhere drops tomorrow. The song was recorded for the Ice Road movie Soundtrack which will come out on June 25th. —SUPERGROUP UNITE

Metallica are bringing back MetallicaMondays for one night only on Facebook this coming Monday. Since May is the month of Giving they are airing a 2018 show from Lincoln Nebraska in an attempt to raise money for their All Within My Hands charity. The show airs on Monday at 7pm on Metallica’s Facebook page. —SHOW DETAILS

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