Rock Report 5/2/22

Mudvayne plan to start working on new material soon, as lead vocalist Chad Gray told Avenged Sevenfold’s Johnny Christ on the bassist’s Drinks With Johnny.

Toward the end of the musicians’ hour-plus conversation on the podcast this week, Gray dropped that he expects Mudvayne to soon start the creative process that fans anticipate could lead to a new album. It’d be a logical next step in the metal act’s reunion.

It feels like we’ve watched Scott Ian’s son grow up in music, and now 11-year-old Revel Ian has a band. Honeybee are a three-piece rock outfit that also includes 16-year-old guitarist-vocalist Liam Williams and 15-year-old bassist/vocalist Theo O’Gara and the band has started booking gigs and releasing music.

Limp Bizkit kicked off the U.S. leg of their Still Sucks tour in Tampa, Florida on April 28 and Fred Durst opened the show with big, corny dad vibes before busting into, you guessed it, “Dad Vibes.”

Seated in hideous, grimy looking recliner, Durst kicked back in his familiar fatherly clothing and pulled out a remote with an extendable antenna. He pushed some buttons to no avail before producing a microphone from the crevice of the chair, looking around the stage to locate the rest of his bandmates. “Where the fuck is everyone?” he asked before shouting out DJ Lethal’s name and the turntablist then queued up the “Dad Vibes” backing track, over which Durst rapped, moving from his seat to a standing position on the stage.