Rock Report 5/10/2021

As John Winger said, “and then depression set in” Rammstein will not be getting a lego set made of their stage setup. According to a recent update from Lego Ideas team “When submitting creations based on intellectual properties it is imperative that members follow the guidelines for intellectual properties that we have, including listing whether or not a submission is based on such if that is the case,” Which means the guy who submitted it did it wrong. Damn you Airbricks. However there is still hope for the MCR My Black Parade Float, that build is under review at the moment. —THE SAD LEGO NEWS

Myles Kennedy just released a new tune off his forthcoming new album Ides of March over the weekend. The new song is called Love Rain Down and you can pick it up digitally now. The full album Ides of March is due out this Friday. —SOURCE STORY—  —LOVE RAIN DOWN

This could be a bad sign. Metallica front man James Hetfield just said in a recent interview he wasn’t sure when Metallica would be getting back on stage. Even though they are already slated to perform at Aftershock festival in California in October, Hetfield said  “It’s not up to me. It really is up to the safety of everyone — not just the fans, but the crew and us. I’m not sure what that means in the future as far as vaccines.” Only time will tell.  —THE FULL INTERVIEW

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