Rock Report 4/26/2021

Yesterday Michael Wagener turned seventy and for his 70th birthday he retired from being a music producer, mixer and engineer. He was the man that mixed Metallica’s Master of Puppets album, Ozzy’s No More Tears Album, and many more. Wagener released a statement saying “I have now been active in the music business for over 50 years and I think it’s time to retire and get out and catch up on some vacations.” —TIME TO ENJOY THE GOOD LIFE

If you have never seen Rammstein in concert, one of the things they are known for is their stage show and setup. It may be possible for you to have that stage setup in your home. The Lego company allows people to submit ideas for future sets and one person submitted a design that is a replica of a Rammstein stage setup. When the German metal band discovered this, they shared it on their social media with the caption “Rammstein would love to have this construction kit. Join us to reach the 10,000 votes!” —SOURCE STORY— —VOTE NOW

Cleopatrick announced over the weekend the details for their debut album. The record will be called bummer and is due out June 4th. The Canadian duo also announced that they would be hitting the road in September and starting their tour in Chicago. —NEW ALBUM DETAILS

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