Rock Report 4/22/22

Pop Evil went deep on their Versatile album, but the band is ready to make their next musical statement with the song “Eye of the Storm” that’s arriving ahead of their summer touring.  In addition to dates supporting Shinedown this summer, the band will play some headline dates

Dubbed the “unofficially” official “Dad Vibes” video, Limp Bizkit’s new video  finds the band members hanging out on a sunny day poolside at a palatial estate, hitting play on the boombox and showing off their best dance moves as the infectious “Dad Vibes” beat roles out. Its pretty funny check it out ! Steel Panther evens makes an appearance in it !
Avenged Sevenfold have been adamant that they won’t release their next album during pandemic times due to the inability to support it on tour. In February of this year, drummer Brooks Wackerman shared that the band was “90 percent” done with the new album and offered photos from a session with 78-piece orchestra for the upcoming release.

As of yet, no dates have been booked by the band, but as Shadows stated, concerts will definitely be part of the plan surrounding the release of the album.