Rock Report 3/4/2021

Differing political views doesn’t have to mean you can’t be friends with someone as evidenced by the friendship between Tom Morello and Ted Nugent. Morello in a recent interview admitted that “While we certainly have differences, I consider Nugent a friend.” Which is a sentiment that Nugent mirrored in a 2019 interview when he said “You know who my genuine American blood brother is? Tom Morello, and we couldn’t be more opposite politically.” —DIFFERING VIEWS

Though they were short lived and never won any awards The Sex Pistols are getting a Netflix show. It’ll be a six episode series on the streaming giant that is based on guitarist Steve Jones 2018 memoir Lonely Boy: Tales From a Sex Pistol. No release date has been given yet. —NEVERMIND THE NETFLIX HERE’S THE SEX PISTOLS

Sully Erna broke the news that new Godsmack is in the works recently. In fact according to the interview fans will get not one but two new Godsmack albums at some point in the near future. Erna said of the two albums “what we wanna do is create a full-length rock record, but we also want to go back and create a really cool vibey acoustic album, or EP, so we can launch a couple of records, or at least have ’em in the can.” —SOURCE MATERIAL

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