Rock Report 3/30/2021

In the early 90’s the Grunge scene rose up and replaced the metal and glam rock scene that had dominated the 80’s in mainstream popularity. The front man for Iron Maiden during that time, Blaze Bayley recounted his memory of that time in a recent interview “We were at war with grunge. Grunge was trying to kill us, and where are they now? Metal is forever, ’cause it’s in the heart of fans. I’m sorry, but grunge, it was fashionable.” —GRUNGE’S ATTEMPTED MURDER

In Barcelona Spain over the weekend they conducted an experiment. A live show covid 19 experiment. With the permission of the health authorities in Spain a live rock show with five thousand attendees was staged. The price of the ticket to the show included a rapid covid test and a mask to wear at the show. According to Dr Boris Revollo, the virologist behind the health protocols “This is another small step toward being able to hold concerts and cultural events” —FULL EXPERIMENT

While some bands have been taking to the internet for live stream events to keep busy during the pandemic, In This Moment has opted against the live stream avenue. When asked why In This Moment hadn’t done a live stream concert guitarist Chis Howorth said “We’re such a visual band and we want to present everything in such a way that we just didn’t feel like the cubes on the screen was gonna work.” —MORE TO THE STORY

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