Rock Report 3/26/2021

From the look of things Beartooth will release their fourth studio album sometime this summer. Though nothing has been confirmed at this time the 12 track album called Below will drop on June 25th. They have already released to songs from the album Devastation and The Past is Dead which you can pick up digitally now.  —SOURCE STORY

The Offspring just unleashed the video for their new song Let the Bad Time Roll yesterday. It’s an interesting look at what some people may have gone through in quarantine. You can check the video out on YouTube now. The new album Let the Bad Times Roll is set to drop on April 16th. —LET THE BAD TIMES GET FILMED?

In other video releases, Dropkick Murphys just released the video for their new tune Middle Finger. The video is filmed to look like video from the 70’s with a kid, presumably meant to be lead singer Al Barr, as he shoots various people and things with a potato gun. Dropkick Murphys new album Turn Up That Dial is due out April 30th. —MIDDLE FINGER

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